Awarded Best User Experience Design on ITEE Innovation Showcase 2017

__\ TableTalk is a table with a touchscreen display which responds to your group conversations by displaying relevant pictures on the display. While you are discussing, you can interact with the pictures, grouping them together or dismissing images that are not interesting to you. The table will listen continuously while you talk, so you can discuss normally as you would without TableTalk. My responsibility is as Application Developer using Python and Kivy in a team of 4.

GitHub Repo\ Project Page


darimana is a small tool to find out which train station in Jakarta is nearest to your destination, to find the optimum station to order ridesharing trips. This site is created using Google Maps JS integration for distance calculations and VueJS.

GitHub Repo\ Site

UQ Computer Availability Kiosk

Exploration of indicator icons

First iteration of app design

Second iteration of app design

Iteration of building indicators

Website mockup

The aim of this project is to implement a solution for the UQ Library computer availability system, whether based on the existing design proposal or a revamped version of it. Our goal is to design an interface to UQ Library’s computer availability API that provides users with an interactive (kiosk) and non-interactive, with information regarding the availability and location of computers on UQ Library facilities in St. Lucia, with an accessibility-first design in mind. My responsibility in this project is as the UX Designer and Researcher in a team of 6.

Screenshot of Concept video built on Garry’s Mod

Interactive Prototype

Screenshot of App running on the Interactive Prototype

Point of View of the Interactive Prototype when worn

NaviBar is a concept of a lightbar that can be worn to aid navigation. Development journal is available but not uploaded yet to this site. The interactive prototype is built using a phone, a cap, and some duct tape. The app prototype is built using Android Studio to use internal compass sensor and bluetooth gamepad integration as the sensor. 4 concepts was tested in 2 different user testing sessions.


Eventor is an app for interest-based event discovery. Currently in progress for DECO3500 course. My responsibility is conducting user testing, create design revisions based on the research, and developing mobile application prototype using React Native. GitHub of React Native Prototype


MINERVA is a web app created to help parents track the development of their infant child. This project is made for the IT Project Course at UI. My responsibility in this project is as the Project Manager, UX Designer and Front-End Developer in a team of 5.


Water Data Visualisation for DSITI

This is a project for the course DECO3800. The aim of this project is to create a visualisation page for the DSITI Water Quality Data of rivers in and around Brisbane. My responsibility in this project is acting as the UX Designer and Front-End Developer.