No more advice seeking unless necessary.

  • No searching for ‘best’ ‘top’ etc unless stuck with current resource
  • have a problem first, then look at advice/research
    • define a question before googling anything
  • “Advice is useless without context

    start summarizing every article that I read (it’s already on the google sheet)

  • start scheduling for this..?

    adjust diet

  • research on keto
  • salad and protein instead of carbs and protein
    • vinegar salt and olive oil to taste, still no sugar
  • research on intermittent Fasting

Moring routine DRAFT

  • Wakeup and STAND. No lounging around
  • Drink
  • Meditate for 10 mins, without guidance/anything
  • stretch with the video thing #TODO add link/list
  • Workout (do this everyday and add 1 set per week, increase reps per month)
    • 1m plank
    • 15 squat with freeweight
    • 10 pushups

More pointers for thought

  • 30 - 60 mins walk everyday -> commute to office with TJ?
  • do more stuff in the real world
  • eliminate stress inducers
  • pick a bobby and do it twice a week
    • look into muay thai
  • watch your posture

Do something where small improements can be felt everyday

“Failure is an event, not a person”

  • Keep a win list #TODO

Extract the intrusive thoughts

  • Write things that bothers me on a regular basis
  • “All the bad things that I have done, All the bad things that had happened.”
    • Journal the events
    • Attempt to identify why these memories are stuck or causes pain
    • What have I learned?
    • Just do it on a simplenote file

“It’s normal to feel pain in your hands and feet, if your using your feet as feet and your hands as hands. And for a human being to feel stress is normal - if he’s living a normal human life. And if it’s normal, how can it be bad?”

On Success

  • Fulfilling relationships
  • on money: enough to live on without constantly worrying

On Happiness

  • Bring happiness to others in some way
  • DO NOT try to get happiness through achievement
    • this is a hard way to get a short term happiness
  • Find things that makes me hapy, and none of them have long term impact #TODO schedule these in
    • meditation
    • regular exercise
    • gratitude journaling
    • philantropy

“To reiterate, the things that work are the things that give you a little boost of happiness every day, and if you find the right ones you can get to a level that is good for you through constant maintenance.”
“Purchase your happiness separate from your goals, it’s much cheaper that way.”

Group people to priorities; time is expensive

  • #TODO group in CRM?
  • Be kind and caring, with effort
    • Start logging events, fill people’s details
    • revisit before meeting
    • praise people

Write more #TODO schedule this

  • Find, read, extract, execute on Jason Fried’s writing (and DHH)

Make stuff easier to do

Workflow for everything ..well not everything

  • Automate and delegate -> including projects (see Wanqu)
    • can’t?
  • Schedule on calendar
    • recurring? schedule it, on any time scale (daily, weekly,…)
    • can’t?
  • Change your environment
  • Externalize everything, notes, whiteboard, stickers, labels

Priority rules on Todoist (..if not done)

  1. Financial and / or emotional harm
  2. Disappointing someone
  3. Annoying
  4. No harm

Trello board for ideas #TODO

Braindump -> Graveyard -> Research -> Ready

What’s on Research?

  • market fit
  • timeline
  • tech stack
  • marketing
  • etc


Work hard, be kind