I just seem to have a lot of false starts and holes in my writing. But reading back through these pieces reminds me that a lot of things are the same. I’m still scared to be vulnerable as my career goes on, as I felt over 2 years ago. I’m splitting up this website to separate my blog posts and other more “safe” writing. But is this right? Should I step forward with all my faults or should I craft my image?

I’m still not sure, as ever. I want to write publicly again. I don’t have any constant readers, as far as I know. I don’t have any or a lot of projects that’s documented well enough to be published. But I guess this blog should be more of a.. personal yet public page to share my thoughts and feelings. Instead of a platform to broadcast who I want to be seen by people I don’t know about.

What I do have is a.. possibility. To curate. I don’t know how stuff will link, or how I can package them. Instead of remixing content, I’m leaning towards just finding really good gems in the dirt, or even extracting what I think is the central piece of an idea. Or a piece that resonated a lot and can be applied more generally.

We’ll see. I don’t want to be preachy. I don’t want to be seen as an expert in topics that I’m not well versed in. I want to be more of a tour guide. A journey through what I think would be interesting for my friends.

On the topic of personal posts. I’ll put up some of my other writings here from my journal or other places where I wrote. Just to make it more complete. And I’ll also date them at the time I wrote them. Should be interesting..