So. After a few months of silence I’m finally back on here. I wrote a lot less, and, as always, I don’t like it.

I don’t really have anything to blame but myself. I’ve been pretty stringent with my media intake (no instagram, no reddit until this Friday, 3 days ago), yet I still have a lot of things that I spend too much time on (read: Hacker News).

I’ve concocted a plan to get away from it, making the HN Wisdom summary from my favorite comments and making an Action Plan from it, which I intended to straighten me up in my recent, and current, slump. Yet I still got back.

I’m busy, yes, but it has always been since I got back in December. I’m tired, yes, but it’s always like that.

I’m not sure what’s happening, as ever.

I needed something easy to work on, so I decided to move my blogging (again) to Jekyll. I just don’t feel like paying DigitalOcean $10 every month anymore (sorry, DO).

I decided to build on Jekyll because I’m currently in the progress of rebuilding an e-commerce-ish site for my mom’s business, which was built with Wordpress for the customer-facing site. It’s abhorrently slow, and almost impossible to transfer to a VPS. (Which needs another hosting fee every month.) I’ve dug into JAMstacks and serverless hype, and got back to Jekyll to do it, and decided to try it on my blog first.

My intention from the start has always been to deploy it on Netlify, but when pushing this to GitLab I realized they also have GitLab Pages available as a service. Yet when I tried it, the GitLab Pages didn’t run, and netlify ran really smoothly.

One thing I decided was to port some of my old posts back to this blog. I envy people who has years of posts archived instead of months, yet I always avoid it due to feeling vulnerable (first) and the posts are on another platform (second). But I decided it would be worth it and ported my posts from my 2016 blog. I decided to not move posts from my 2017 blog yet because it’s mainly just a blog for my DECO2200 class, with only 1 post on an app design feedback.

I guess vulnerability is the name of the game. We live solitary lives inside our mind, and sometimes the thoughts are not pretty, or flat-out wrong. Yet being humans, perfection is unattainable and to learn is only through failures.

I hope this site will live for longer than what was my previous blogs.

(btw, I need to backup all my pictures/images from my old blogs to.. somewhere. I love/hate WP automated caching.)

See you around.