2017-09-10 Blogging About the past Week


identity crisis, feeling like needing some space. went outside got sushi and wandered around. killed off ig.










I realized i just forgot them all. feels like a very long time ago yet it’s just a week. this all passes so fast

I feel more of it lately now that I’m working. Days just blur past, weekends go by too fast. Like right now, I have been yearning for a break for the past week but without realizing it I’m here again on my computer on a Saturday night. Tomorrow’s a Sunday, and the day after that, I’ll be doing this all over again.

I don’t really know how to make time last. Maybe I should get off my computer. Maybe I should get outside and see a museum or an art gallery, or go for a walk around the city. Those days do get by slower. Means a bit more. Meeting with people, talking about things. Not that I hate playing games with my friend, but time do get so fast, with such a small payoff.

Every weekend I realize this and I still do the same thing.

Time becomes a precious resource. Time to do work. Time to sleep. Time to rest. Time to play. Time to meet friends. Time to connect. And wasting it has been my default mode since forever.

I am weak on that. I know that for now, everything will still be alright. I can cram my work in short amounts of time.

Time wasted is life wasted, though. I need to use time better.

Actually resting instead of scrolling through feeds.

Create something coherent instead just having ideas of things to do.

Learn a tangible skill instead of collecting tips on every single tangential topic I’m interested in.

..but tonight, let’s sleep early and see how tomorrow goes.