“Look, if I were born in a slightly different situation than I was born in, a few miles from where I was born, to different parents, with different color skin — I have no delusions, I wouldn’t be in the place that I’m in,”

Sam Altman, taken from The Political Awakening of Silicon Valley

I realize that I am really lucky. Born to a parent that can take care of me when I’m young, send me to great schools for me to open my mind and learn, and able to indulge on my wishes when I’m older. All of that, or even any of that, is something that not everyone has in their childhood, if ever.

I try to be grateful of it. To realize that not everyone has that kind of privilege to live as comfortable as I am. I should not waste what I have.

Sometimes I beat myself up over this; to see someone else that are doing better with less. Then I ask myself:

“What the hell is wrong with me?”

I do envy them. Their drive, their grit, their motivation. To break through their challenges that, honestly, unthinkable for me to go through. Thinking how much greater would they be if they started from my position. 

But beating myself up over things that I’ve done is always unproductive. Dwelling on the things that I can’t change.

Trying to change myself is always a constant struggle, too. Peppered with the above question at every step of the way. Thinking how I don’t deserve this.

And my way to stay sane is to always work on things that helps other people. A bit here, a bit more there.

“If you are successful because of things that aren’t in your control, you have a duty to pay it forward, which is what I’m trying to do here.”

Sam Altman, taken from The Political Awakening of Silicon Valley