It’s not what you can live with, but what you can’t live without.

We don’t need most things that is available. Or most things that we have. Or most things that we think about.

We buy things thinking that we might need them in the future. Or because it’s pretty.

We then ignore them in storage for years, even forgetting having them when we need to use them, ending up buying the same thing again.

We read all about the things that are happening with the world. Good or bad. About something that actually matters to you, or doesn’t matter to anyone.

We then have thoughts about someone else’s life. How good they have it. How we want tolive like them, or thoughts that horrible things that are happening halfway across the globe is also happening right here while they are not.

We fear that we won’t have the things we need in urgent times.

Or we won’t be good looking if you don’t have the newest clothes.

We fear that we’ll miss out on the newest stories.

Or we’ll be behind everyone else if we don’t know everything.

We are peddled with this narrative through advertising and the general media. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they always have something that you “need” to know, or a “must have”.

It is more important now than ever, to think about your possessions and thoughts, and to pare them to the only things you can’t live without, or things that bring you joy.

Anything more than that is noise and crap.