Snapchat’s latest update just revolutionized cameras and publishing.

They know a lot of users (not most) already have snapchat as their primary camera app. These users are not the majority in total numbers of users, but they are among the most active.

And now Snapchat just made itself the main gallery app and longer form publication platform in one go.

Their Memories updates enables users to group their snaps in a snap (sorry). And they can rename them. And add more photos / videos from other sources than snapchat. And you can name the collections. And most importantly, you can search the collections basedon the name or location.

Awesome so far.

The game changer though, is in the publishing. You can edit the collections, and theindividual image/videos as you can edit them on the usual snapchat. That’s your editing platform.

Then you can send it. In one go. That’s just insane.

I, for one, welcome our Snapchat overlords.