Labels are powerful. Be careful about about how people label you and how you label yourself.

It’s hard to be diagnosed something anyone can’t be sure about. Unlike cancer or broken bones which can be confirmed through MRI and x-ray, mental illness does not have a confirmation of the illness. Sure, you can discern the symptoms and try to group them, and try treatments that have worked for other people with similar symptoms, but nobody isreally sure about what is happening.

I have thrown myself around trying to get something that I know is impossible. A concrete answer for what is happening to me. What I’ve come to conclude right now is that I have gained more knowledge, but not much more wisdom since I’ve started the journey. All I know, is that something is wrong with me.

I’ve tried medication (which have made things much worse) and therapy. Some that I have consulted to say I’m depressed. Others say to not believe the label. Some thought something a bit beyond this world is affecting me. Others say it’s only in my thoughts.

I can’t pull something concrete out of them. Sometimes I feel better, other days it feels like one more day is too much. And I can’t really point out why. All I got is questions.

I only want an answer.