It has been a little over two weeks since I have started my media diet. This diet is certainly much less extreme than the one I did in early 2015, but I have sustained it for a longer period. I am not planning to cease the diet now, or in the near future. I may have to use those tools again in the near future but until I can’t avoid it, I probably won’t use them.

One thing that I do notice is that I go less on my phone on occasions. At first I would reach my phone but then just open the gallery full of old pictures. After a while then I would just not open my phone to seek distractions anymore.

My thoughts are certainly less scattered. I would seek to peruse resources that I knowwould be more substantial than the ones I used to consume, and I have certainly gottengreat value out of them. I will be writing about these valuable in the future.

One interesting thing now is keeping up the news is overwhelming. I can really sense the way my body reacts to what seemingly close by and constant threat, though the reality is not that way. It scares me a lot and I really do not like that crawling feeling again. I have found that keeping up with the general news is not essential.

One expected hiccup that I did not expect is that I missed writing for this blog at all. Somehow it just missed my mind for days then there’s too much of a queue of days to catch up. I have decided that I would just chalk that mistake up rather than trying to wring up more substandard writing to fill them up.

It’s been a great experiment, and I look forward to continue it.