I remember a friend asked me a question that she thought was easy for me to answer. 

“What is passion?”

I thought that was easy too, until I actually have to answer it.

For me, passion is an interest that you always hold dear to heart. Something that you enjoy doing and have been doing for a long time. Maybe you’re good at it.

One thing that really stands out for your passion is your curiosity about it. You want to grow and develop your skills in it. Not because you are pushed to by expectations, but by your sheer personal enjoyment of doing it.

Another way to find out if it’s always something that is in your mind. No matter what you do, it always has a time in the day for it to pop up and lead you into deeper thoughts. Probably something else to do, or observing something related to it.

These might be very vague, but it is important.

For me, finding a passion and making a living out of it is a personal goal of mine. If it makes me happy and feeds me, it doesn’t take much else for me to be happy.

Now it seems really far. But at least I have something to look forward to.