Noise is everywhere.

I don’t mean the noise outside the house, but more of cognitive noise.

There’s simply too much unimportant things that we are served everyday, whether through the press and the media, or through our own “curated” feeds on social media.

I don’t blame people to push their agenda to everyone else, such is the purpose of life. It is hard, to be honest, to keep control and not get distracted by their agenda (which is other’s agenda).

I intend to keep my mind less cluttered. Which means less noise on social media. Sometimes it gets through, but a little spring cleaning goes a long way to prevent that.

One of the best weeks of my life in recent years was the week I went offline. Not that it was a great point of my life in any way, but the feeling that my mind was free and that I was not mad or bothered by what anybody said about something in the world.

Keeping a lifestyle like that is unsustainable in the long run but I did see the benefits. I’m trying to reduce the noise again right now.