Twitter is dead to me now. 

Twitter was the place I found a “voice” in my early teenage years. Not that I have any large following on there, but the fact that I wrote (even miniscule amounts) on there is something I didn’t do before twitter. It was fun when your stupid quotes and opinions was retweeted and responded to (by your friends). It seemed that all of us has a voice and could discuss anything only limited by our imagination.

After a few years of hiatus, coming back to twitter was largely based on curiosity instead of memories. I still have my favorite people on twitter (comprised of @hansdavidian and @hotradero) tweeting away, but even in their feed it’s evident: twitter is dead.

Tweeting found quotes isn’t as fun when it seems like everybody’s already left. The ones that stayed also knows that everybody’s gone. Tweeting like there’s someone will only instantiate a fight over.. anything. Not to mention anyone could argue with you with anything they have, and 140 characters is a large place for misunderstanding.

While I’ll still be checking out some twitter accounts from time to time, it won’t be through my feed anymore.

Bye twitter.