There’s a lot to look up in life. The successes of founders of big companies. The wealth of the top 1%. The body of top athletes and supermodels. It’s endless. To want them is normal these days. To want them is encouraged these days.

Today I want to be grateful instead. To look at what I have and enjoy right now.

I am grateful of all the people that are close to me. My family, my friends. All that has been there through my tough times, although they might not now. I appreciate the support that they have given me endlessly. 

I am grateful for my health that I can do the things I want to do everyday, and I accept that now I am not as fit that I can be. I accept that I should take more care of my knees and spine.

I am grateful for all the things that I’ve been through. For some that I have leaned the lessons of, and others that I haven’t found the meaning of. For life is only strings of experiences, and we can’t choose them.

I am grateful to be me right now.