Starting is hard. I always get distracted by the finer, unimportant details. The things that, in the end, does not really matter.

Starting is a nice fantasy. In reality, starting is a journey. A means to a goal. The first step to something.

This is a start of yet another blog by me. The goal is just to write everyday. Just show up. Rain or shine. Write. Just write and publish everyday.

I’m really trying not to get hung up on the finer details (like how to change the page title in the front page) and trying more to write. I still really don’t know what to write about. Mostly commentary or ideas, or something I notice in the day. Maybe a bit about my thoughts and emotions. I usually ramble around topics and that reflects my way of thinking. I hope by writing everyday I could improve on that.But starting to write is an improvement over doing nothing.